Putting The Why In DIY

| Canada | Working | April 15, 2013

(I’m an electrician by trade, and have to submit my timesheet via email every two weeks or I don’t get paid. I come home and discover my internet isn’t working, so I can’t submit my timesheet. I call the cable company; three router resets later…)

Me: “Look, this doesn’t seem right to me. Did I forget to pay a bill and you guys have disconnected me?”

Customer Service: “No, it appears you only owe us $30 from last month and you wouldn’t be disconnected for that. But you do want to pay that bill right away.”

(I’m running out of time to submit my timesheet, so I’m getting a bit impatient with my responses.)

Me: “Maybe if I had internet I could.”

Customer Service: “Sir, it is possible that there is a unreported outage in your area. Perhaps a car hit one of our poles.”

Me: “So, did a car hit one of the your poles?”

Customer Service: “Not that we are aware of.”

Me: “Okay. Well, I’m an electrician, so I’m going to go ahead and open up the data box on the side of my house and have a look because I suspect you guys have disconnected me.”

Customer Service: “Sir, you are not allowed to do that. We can have someone out there in three days.”

Me: “That’s not good enough. I’m going to open it up and take a look.”

Customer Service: “Sir, that is illegal. That property belongs to [company name].

Me: “It’s on my house and I paid for all the cable that exists in that box. Come arrest me.” *click*

(I open up the box and sure enough they’ve disconnected everything. Five minutes after I get it open, an installer for the cable company shows up and appears behind me.)

Installer: “Is this why your internet isn’t working?”

Me: “No, this is me troubleshooting for your cable company. They said they couldn’t get anyone out here for a couple days. I should be charging haha!”

Installer: “Yeah they can be d***s. Mind if I take a look at what’s going on here?”

(The installer comes to the same conclusion that I’ve been disconnected. He pulls out a tablet and sees that a three-month-old work order for the previous tenants’ disconnection had been executed that afternoon. He hooks me back up and tells me that this happens all the time. One family had even been disconnected every week for six months because of a fault in the computer system. We shake hands, I learn a little more about data installation and I get my timesheet submitted with only a couple minutes to spare.)

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