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Putting The ‘Pee’ Into Patience

| Learning | December 21, 2015

(My high school does random drug tests. They are done with urine samples, so they have students drink a bunch of water to be able to fill the cup. After you leave, they give you a bathroom pass for the rest of the day. My name was drawn, so I went and got the test over with, which incidentally came back negative, then got my pass and went back to class. Fifteen minutes before class ends, I have to go, badly.)

Me: “[Teacher], can I go to the bathroom?” *waves bathroom pass*

Teacher: “It’s fifteen minutes before the end of the period. You can hold it.”

Me: “But I really have to go. I just drank over a quart of water.”

Teacher: “You’re sixteen years old. You can hold it. It’s only fifteen minutes.”

Me: “I am literally in physical pain. Please just let me go. I’ll be back in two minutes.”

Teacher: “No. If you go, I will get you put in ISS (In School Suspension) for tomorrow.”

(Not wanting to risk ISS, which is basically death by extreme boredom, I hold it, though it hurts every time I move. As soon as the bell rings, I jump up to go to the bathroom. Note that, at my school, students don’t generally wait to be dismissed by the teacher. You just get up and leave when the bell rings.)

Teacher: “Oh, no, no, my little turkey-toes! [My Name] will be the last one to leave today! Everyone who was SEATED may leave!”

Me: “[Teacher], I have to pee! Please let me go!”

Teacher: “No you don’t, [My Name]! Learn some patience!”

(I made it to the bathroom, fortunately. I mentioned the incident to the principal, and the teacher got a warning. She’s since let people go to the bathroom immediately whenever they’d had to do drug testing.)

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