Putting The Mad Into Madre

| Council Bluffs, IA, USA | Learning | August 22, 2014

(I am in a college-level Spanish class. Even so, a few students in the class tend to be loud and disruptive, but the things they say are usually pretty funny. On this day, Student #1 has fallen asleep in class.)

Teacher: “[Student #1]! Wake up!”

Student #1: “I am awake! I wasn’t sleeping. I swear.”

Teacher: “Then what were we talking about? Can you tell me what we just said?”

Student #1: “Yeah, I can say something.”

Teacher: “Well then, say something!”

Student #1: “Hola.”

(The class waits for him to finish, and a few seconds pass.)

Student #1: “Mi madre es mi padre.”

(This is Spanish for “my mother is my father”. At this, the entire class, including the teacher, bursts out laughing.)

Student #2: “Poor madre.”

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