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Putting Some Joy On The Table

, , , , | Right | November 25, 2021

I am at a fancy seafood bistro where you seat yourself and you order your food from a series of people in a line, but FANCY. Most people there are in business-casual clothes or suits.

Even though you seat yourself and collect your own food, it’s still kind of fancy, so I’m not sure if I am supposed to throw my own trash away; I haven’t seen a single trash can. I see a member of staff.

Me: “Excuse me. Do I clean my own table, or do you do it?”

The staff member looks like she is about to cry with joy.

Staff Member: “Thank you! Thank you for asking. Thank you! It’s my job to clean up after the customers.

At first, I wondered why she was so happy; I wasn’t creating any more work for her if I left my stuff there. Later, I realized that all I really did was treat her like a human being and assumed I would be cleaning up my own plate.

It was such a small thing. I was in no way making her job easier, but I had TRIED, which apparently is more than most people would ever do.

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