Putting Sales Front (Desk) And Center

, , , | Working | November 4, 2017

(Our hotel is really old, and has never been renovated. Lots of newer, modern hotels have opened close by, and we’re losing money to them. A lot of times people check in, are upset at our lack of modernness, throw a fit, and leave. Like lots of hotels, we have a sales team, and we have a front desk team. I work on the front desk.)

Manager: “[My Name], I want you to watch this training video.”

(I do, and she finds me after.)

Manager: “What did you think?”

Me: *confused* “So, now we have to do the sales team job? And sell rooms when the phone rings?”

Manager: “Yes.”

Me: “Grrrreat.”

(The phone rings and I answer it. It is an older gentleman.)

Caller: “Hello, I want to stay at your hotel, but I want to know how old it is?”

Me: “Thirty years old.”

Caller: “Oh. Has it been renovated?”

Me: “No, never.”

(The caller then asks for another hotel nearby, and I give him the info. The manager has heard everything.)

Manager: “Why didn’t you try to sell him a room?”

Me: “I just told him the truth.”

Manager: “You’re supposed to sell!” *storms off*

(I quit soon after that. The front desk should not be expected to do the sales team jobs. They have enough to do, trust me.)

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