Putting His Foot In His Mouth

, | Learning | September 26, 2016

(I teach three- and four-year-olds basic karate skills two times a week. I’m currently working with my youngest student ever, just barely three. He’s usually a very good listener, however, and advanced for his age. I’ve just knelt down to help him with his footwork. He has beautiful dark skin, where I am light skinned. This hasn’t been brought up before.)

Me: “No, sweetie, I want you to make your foot flat. Here, grab my shoulder. I’ll help you balance.” *I place his hand on my shoulder and reach for his leg*

Kid: “I like your face.” *pets my cheek*

Me: “Thank you, dear. Your foot—”

Kid: *pets my cheek more* “I like your face. And your nose.”

Me: “Thank you. Pick up your leg, dear. Just like that. Now, I want you to—”

Kid: *petting me more* “I like your skin.”

(We did eventually get his feet correct for the kick.)

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