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Putting A Dollar Value On Their Tantrum

, , , | Right | July 28, 2021

We’re having a sale. A woman comes in from the other side of town because she was told we have an item advertised in that weekend’s flyer. It turns out that we don’t. This woman goes into a full meltdown, screaming at me, and finally demanding I get a manager.

The manager stands and listens to her scream at him for wasting her time and “making her drive all the way across town for nothing” for nearly ten minutes before he loses his patience.

He pulls out his wallet, gets a five-dollar bill, folds it up, and tucks it neatly into her coat pocket.

Manager: “There. Now your gas is paid for. Have a great day.”

The customer just goggled silently, mouth opening and closing like a fish as the manager walked away, and I had to duck behind some shelves to keep from laughing in the woman’s face.

Question of the Week

Tell us about a customer that lied or scammed to get what they wanted.

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