Putting A Dent In Your Fun

| Working | December 6, 2015

(My mom and I have gone into the local grocery store to buy a birthday cake for my boyfriend and me. I pick out the only hot pink cake they have because I know my boyfriend will roll his eyes, and we have our names written on it. When we get to checkout, we have the normal polite small talk with the cashier, until she gets to the cake. When she scans it, she tips the box to the side and the cake slides into the packaging, messing up the frosting on the side a little bit.)

Cashier: *with horrified look on her face* “I am so sorry. Do you still want this?”

Mom: *looking at me* “Is it okay?”

(My family isn’t concerned with perfection and we are easygoing with accidents.)

Me: *to Mom, in a concerned voice* “Is it going to taste the same?!”

Mom: *without skipping a beat* “No, it’s going to taste dented!”

(The cashier looks completely devastated at this point, for a little too long, before the light bulb goes off and she realizes we are joking.)

Me: “It’s fine.”

(That grocery store doesn’t employ the brightest people, but the cake was delicious!)

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