Puts The ‘Acting’ Into Acting Out

| Nord-Trøndelag, Norway | Related | February 18, 2016

(My two-year-old daughter tends to be a bit overly dramatic when she wants attention and will sometimes “fall down” in a controlled movement and shout for help, while using a whiny voice. She also speaks about herself in third person, using her name instead of “I” and “me.” This time she is riding an inflatable bouncing horse, and I am three meters away.)

Daughter: *falls down slowly* “Mama!” *fake cries*

Me: “Yes?”

Daughter: *in fake whiny voice* “Ouchie! [Daughter] fell down, got ouchie!”

Me: “Oh, did you fall down and get hurt?”

Daughter: *in whiny voice* “Yeeeeeeeesssssss! Mama help you up!”

Me: “Aww, do you want me to help you up?”

Daughter: *in whiny voice* “Yeeeees!!”

Me: “Okay, come over here and I’ll help you up.”

Daughter: *in a suddenly happy voice* “Okay!”

(She then jumps up on her feet and runs to me, carrying the bouncing horse with her. She drops it right in front of my feet, lays down carefully and adjusts the horse so it is partially over her before looking up at me again.)

Daughter: *In whiny voice again* “Mama help you up!”

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