Put Your Blood Into This Test

| USA | Learning | September 1, 2015

(During my junior year, I take a financial literacy class that is required for graduation. Because it is a required class junior year, it is taught during three different class periods. Mine is the last one of the day. Most of our tests are normal written tests, but we get a pre-test at the beginning of the year that requires the use of a Scantron.)

Teacher: “Sixth period, thank you for being responsible with your tests.”

Student: “But, isn’t that kind of expected?”

Teacher: “Yes, but sadly fifth period wasn’t as responsible. Someone handed in a Scantron covered in blood.”

(This wouldn’t be the last time that something like that would happen. Later in the year, a fifth period student did an entire test in crayon because he couldn’t find a pen or pencil!)

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