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Put You In A School Daze

| Romantic | October 9, 2013

(While at work, I begin chatting with a customer who looks around my age. She leaves, then comes back ten minutes later with her number on a piece of paper, and tells me to text her. After some texted conversation, the subject of work comes up.)

Me: “Well, you know what I do for a living. How about you?”

Her: “I’m in school.”

Me: “Cool. What college?”

Her: “High school.”

(I don’t respond for a long time, because best-case scenario, she’s at the beginning of her senior year. I know that I look much younger than I am; she must have assumed I was still in high school, too.)

Me: “Not to be rude at all, but how old are you?”

Her: “I’m 16. Why, what about you?”

Me: “21. So…”

(She understands immediately, and spends half an hour apologizing and assuring me I could totally also look my actual age. Then we both summarily delete each other’s numbers.)

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