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Put The Past To Bed

| Learning | December 30, 2015

(There was a bully in elementary school who laughed at everything that I said, and made me feel really small so that I hardly spoke for fear of being laughed at. She was tall and big, and many people were afraid of her, including myself. Fast forward 30 years later. I’m working in an office and someone who looks vaguely familiar comes in with her mother.)

Bully’s Mother: “Hello, I’d like to buy some stuff?”

Me: “Oh, sure, the catalogs are over there.”

(The bully looks at me carefully, but says nothing. I still haven’t realized it yet, but when I look at the bully’s mother’s order, I realize who it is. Instantly, all my childhood pain comes rushing back. With effort, I act as normally as possible to the bully’s mother. They’ve ordered a pink bed made for girls.)

Me: “Thank you. Have a nice day.”

Bully’s Mother: “Yes, we will, honey. My daughter will enjoy her new bed. Won’t you dear?”

Bully: *nods, looking away* “Sorry.”

Bully’s Mother: “Hm? Why are you apologizing, dear? You’ve done nothing wrong! Let’s go get your favorite ice cream!”

(I don’t say anything either. In fact, I find it hilarious that the bully, who is 36, is still living with her mom, while I’m paying for my new house. Still, she apologized, so I guess some people do change!)

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