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Put A Football Sock In It

| Related | May 30, 2012

(My grandfather loves the Miami Dolphins. Us grandkids love sitting in his den watching the games with him.)

Cousin: “Wow, what a play!”

Brother: “Nuh-uh! It was bad! Tell ‘em grandpa!”

(Grandpa puts his hand up to his hearing aid, and watches the TV closely as they zoom in on the coach.)

Grandpa: “Nope, bad play. The coach should put [player] in. He would do much better.”

(The six grandkids all stare wide eyed at my grandfather.)

Grandpa: “Kids, you’ll have to be a little quieter so I can talk to the coach, and tell him what plays to make, or else we’ll have more bad plays like the other one!”

(Us six kids made sure to watch football quietly for the rest of the game.)

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