Pushing The Punishment

, , , | Working | January 12, 2018

While both of my parents were in the Army for many years, my mother has the more interesting stories. One story was from when she was an active-duty sergeant on base.

Two of her privates come to PE late, “strolling in,” as my mom puts it. As their sergeant, she tells them that as punishment, every time they see her, they have to do push ups.

At first, it doesn’t seem like a big deal, but soon enough, they are given PX duties. My mom comes in to shop, and the privates stop and do push ups. She comes to the register to check out, and the privates stop and do push-ups. My mom goes around the store and comes up behind them. They stop and do push-ups.

They beg my mom to stop and promise to not be late to PE again.

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