Purr-fect Drivers Are Unstoppable

| Working | April 16, 2013

(I enter the bus with my kitten in a carrier on the way to the vet.)

Me: “Excuse me, I’ve never been to the vet with this bus. Can you tell me which bus stop is nearest?”

Driver: “You need to go to the vet?”

Me: “Yes.”

Driver: “Okay…”

(After a while, I notice in passing that he missed the bus stop where I needed to get out.)

Me: “Excuse me, I think you missed my stop.”

Driver: “No, I didn’t.”

(I decide to trust him and a few minutes later, he stops the bus, nowhere near a bus stop.)

Driver: “This is your stop.”

Me: “Okay?”

(I’m a bit confused until the driver points to the other side of the road.)

Driver: “That’s the vet. Hope your cat is okay!”

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