Purple Raises Some Red Flags, Part 2

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I have natural blond hair, but I dye it black every year. However, the first time I ever did, I also had them put some purple under my hair in the back. With that setup, it was impossible to tell I had a second color unless my hair was up or I showed people.

I have a woman comment on how nice my hair looks while we’re standing in line, waiting to pay for gas. I thank her and then put it up in a ponytail. Apparently, this is a mistake on my part. The customer gasps and puts her hands on her chest.

Customer: “You have an odd color!”

Me: “Well, yes. I like it — something new!”

Customer: “HEATHEN!”

Me: “Really?”

Customer: “You will go to Hell!”

Me: *Whips right around* “May I check your ticket? I’m driving the bus to h*** today and I need to make sure you paid for your seat, madam.”

She turns bright red and storms out of the store. I pay for my gas.

Cashier: “Not the first time?”

Me: “Oh, no. Normally, though, it’s my nose ring that people comment like that about; this was the first time for hair.”

Cashier: “I like it. Your husband said you had another color and that I would have to see it.”

I left the place to find her screaming outside. I just shook my head and got in the truck my husband and I shared and left. Only a little bit of purple in my hair made someone freak out. Wonder what this lady would say now if she saw I have a tattoo and more piercings, and I still dye my hair. I do see her every now and then at the stores. Small area.

Purple Raises Some Red Flags

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