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Pure Crappy Entitlement

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Our theater is located in a plaza with a large retailer that’s open twenty-four-seven. However, we close every night. It’s about midnight, and we’re waiting on the last show to get out so we can clean the theater and leave. There are only two people in it: a couple. The movie lets out, we clean it in record time, and we head out to the lobby to clock out. It’s just me, a coworker, and a manager who has been there since 10:00 am working a double shift. However, the couple is just sort of… standing around in the lobby.

After waiting about five minutes for them to leave so we can all go, my manager walks up to them.

Manager: “Hey there. I hate to do this to you, but we’re closed for the night and are about to leave, so I’m gonna have to ask you to head out.”

Man: “I can’t do that! I called a cab and they said it was going to be about an hour and a half! I need to wait in the lobby!”

Manager: “Sir… I apologize, but I can’t wait here an extra hour and a half, nor am I going to make my staff wait that long to go home. There’s a twenty-four-hour store right next door in the plaza. May I suggest you wait there?”

Man: “I ain’t moving!”

Manager: “Again, sir, we’re closed. I need you to leave.”

Man: “Pfft! Fine! I’m using the bathroom first, though!”

Manager: “That’s fine.”

The man goes into the bathroom and is in there for a solid ten or fifteen minutes. We get royally annoyed because we think he’s going to try and wait there for the entire ninety minutes, but he eventually comes out, gives us the biggest crap-eating smirk I’ve ever seen, and leaves with his girlfriend.

Manager: “[My Name], check the bathroom. I didn’t like that look he just gave you.”

I headed into the bathroom and was greeted by a horror show. He had gone into the final stall — the handicapped accessible stall — and used his underwear to smear feces all over the toilet and wall. His dirty underwear was also wound around the toilet handle. I literally could not believe it; the guy had to be in his forties, and this was how he acted. I headed out and told my manager, and we were forced to stay an extra thirty minutes to clean up the mess the guy had left. And that’s yet another reason why I hate people.

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