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Pure Blind Ignorance

, , , , | Right | November 19, 2021

My nephew and daughter are about eight. My nephew became completely blind a few years ago due to complications from an infection. My daughter has a lazy eye and some other vision issues and wears very big glasses.

I’ve taken my nephew and daughter out to a restaurant. They are genuinely good friends. My nephew is wearing sunglasses indoors and has his red and white cane leaned up against his chair, both obvious signs of him being blind. Some old man walks over and starts complaining to us. Assuming that my nephew is my son, he says:

Old Man: “It’s obvious that there is genetic blindness in your family! You’re being irresponsible by having more than one child! You’ve caused great suffering by bringing into the world two children who both will eventually go blind!”

As he was ranting, a very burly waiter tapped the man on the shoulder and asked him to leave, politely but coolly, and the scrawny old man decided it was probably best not to cross him.

For all of our troubles, the waiter had the owner give us free ice cream, which was very nice because it wasn’t the restaurant’s fault at all, and the restaurant has easily become a household favorite.

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