Puppy Power

, , , , | Hopeless | May 10, 2016

(My family, and our new golden retriever puppy, are taking a long road trip. We stop for gas and to let the dog out; my mom walks her away from us and is approached by a scary-looking biker, with torn clothes, covered in tattoos, and at least six and a half feet tall. My mom looks worried, so I go over to her.)

Biker: “I’m sorry; I didn’t mean to scare you. It’s just… I lost my dog last winter, and I just wanted to see your puppy.”

(The puppy is done, so my mom picks her up and lets the man pet her.)

Mom: *still looks a bit nervous* “This is [Name]. She’s eight weeks old.”

Biker: *in a baby voice, gently petting her and letting her sniff him* “Well, hello, [Name]! Aren’t you adorable! My hands are as big as you, but you don’t need to be scared… I bet your mama loves you very much.” *he notices me* “…and your sister does, too!”

(Suddenly, the man looks really sad, like he’s remembering his dog.)

Biker: “Could… could I hold her for a minute? I promise I’ll be careful.”

(My mom allows this, and he cradles the puppy in his arms like a newborn while she squirms and tries to lick his face. Eventually, he carefully hands her back.)

Biker: *softly* “Thank you. That meant a lot to me. I hope I find a dog like her when I’m ready.”

(In all her 12 years, the dog brought many people into our lives, but I’ll never forget that man.)

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