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Punishment Is Not The Answer

| Learning | September 17, 2013

(Our eighth grade social studies teacher is scatterbrained and constantly forgets things.)

Teacher: “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to class! Get your notebooks out. Today’s warm up will be about Los Angeles. Start working!”

(It turns out the question is about geography, and the ANSWER is Los Angeles. Of course, she has just accidentally given us the answer.)

Teacher: “Okay, so based on the geographical clues, can anyone tell me which city this is?”

Class: *in unison* “LOS ANGELES!”

Teacher: “That was a hard question! How did you all know?”

Student: “…because you told us as we came in.”

Teacher: “I did? Oh, stupid, stupid, stupid!”

(She walks to the blackboard and starts banging her head against it.)

Student: “No, don’t hit your head. That’s not a very constructive way to punish yourself.”

Teacher: “Then what would be?”

Student: “You could punish yourself by giving us the test answers.”

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