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Pundering The Snack Box

, , | Related | June 16, 2013

(I am obsessed with a particular candy bar, and I ask for one every time we go to the store. For my birthday, my parents go to a big-box store, and buy me an entire CASE of them! They make me promise to only have one a day. After dinner, I am helping mom clean up the table, when dad walks in, holding the box of candy bars.)

Dad: *opens the box, laughs through his nose, and closes it*

Mom And Me: “Uh…”

Dad: *opens the box again, laughs through his nose, and closes it*

Me: “Um, dad, are you okay?”

Dad: *does it one more time, laughing a bit more*

Mom: “What are you DOING?”

Dad: “What? It’s a box of Snickers!”

(My mom can’t decide what is worse: the joke, or how much I am laughing at it!)

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