When A Punch Line Gets You Punched

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(We are on holiday and are checking into our hotel.)

Receptionist: “How are you enjoying New York so far?”

Friend: “It’s great! I didn’t expect there to be so many [Racial Slur]s about!”

(The receptionist, who is black, glares at him.)

Friend: “Did I say it right? I heard that’s what white people did in America now.”

(That seemed to dissolve the tension slightly, and I’m hoping she just assumed my friend was making an off-colour joke with all the racial tensions being felt in the country. Personally though, knowing my friend, he was just being racist.)

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  • Lady Lockeout

    and you’re friends with that?

    • Jonathon Side

      OP apparently does not mind it….

    • Deadpool

      What’s a little racism between friends?

    • das Wunderkind

      I came to say the same thing.

    • Abigail Hermione Irwin

      Was thinking the same thing … “And you’re friends with this moron because why … ?”

  • Khlovia

    So you are still friends because…?

    • Mechwarrior

      Because it bothers the OP, but not enough to actually get them to do anything.

      • Leah

        how do you know OP doesn’t tell their friend off for saying that kind of thing?

        • Mechwarrior

          Exactly like how they didn’t do here?

          • Max

            Or maybe, like how they did afterwards, and didn’t include it in the story….

    • Shuu Tsukiyama

      This is what I came to say

    • Flami

      Because the OP is not personally affected by the racial slur since the OP is not of that race anyway.

      • Aaron King

        EVERYONE is affected by racism, not just those that are the target of it. It brings us down as human beings. “Not my problem” mentality is how you end up with genocides.

        • Flami

          I’m not defending the OP or her friend. I’m just pointing out what they may be thinking.

  • Richard Da Bunny

    The word is more prevalent sure, doesn’t make it proper conversation.

  • Sal

    “I hate all <fill in the religious/racial/gender specific bigoted slur here>. Except you, of course.”

    Awww, aren’t bigots cute when they try to squirm out of their foot-in-mouth comments?

  • Kitty

    Wow. Okay, if it really had been just a really, really, really bad joke, I might have seen this as maybe a little bit funny. (Because who doesn’t enjoy holding up a mirror to America’s behavior like we are back in the 1950s?) But if your friend is like that to begin with…

  • divgradcurl

    I’m sorry the clerk didn’t tell both the OP and the “friend” to find another place to stay.

  • Anamaria Bobic

    He needs to go buy a joke book if that’s his idea of a joke currently.

  • Bethany Lieflijk

    …I don’t think it’s black people they’re worried about now. They’re more concerned with Mexicans and Muslims, to my understanding.

    • BlackNGreen

      Not even close

    • Roeduh

      Preemptive TL;DR: It depends on the region in the US.

      Former slave states still obsess about black people, and black people are still being murdered by lynching and racist cops from corrupt departments. States bordering both Mexico and Canada tend to aim at Mexican people, since a wealth of Mexican immigrants come through Canada to work the farms. Really, though, the racism is still geared against anyone who doesn’t look American* enough… including the indigenous people, of course, because racism and reason don’t tend to accompany each other. Islamophobia is really regional. It hasn’t been much of an issue in my state, and there are a lot of Muslims living here, but I have a friend in Texas and literally every person she knows wants all Muslim people exterminated.


      • Li

        Yep, things can change drastically based on region. And ‘passing’ as white is still a huge thing, at least in the Midwest and South where I’ve lived. My family is multiracial, my mom is Irish and my dad is Aymara. One sister and I take more after our dad and get constant push back and slurs about our name, our English, and our mental capabilities. The other sister takes after our mom and can ‘pass’: she gets friendly questions about her cool last name, compliments on how pretty her dark hair is, and says she has never experienced bias except when she’s with us. It’s amazing how different things can be based on nothing but someone else’s perception of you.

  • Christine Wood

    My brother tells racist, sexist, homophobic, anti-semitic, and even anti-ginger jokes on occasion. He says he doesn’t actually believe any of it and he’s just trying to get a rise, but I’ve heard him do this for years and, by this point, I really don’t believe that anymore. What’s stranger is that our dad and several other relatives are redheads, half the family are women, and our bisexual brother has dated mostly guys. I am sick of not knowing what to think with him.

    • CommanderCorianderSalamander

      Honestly, I hate that “doing it to get a rise” is seen as semi-okay. Even if you don’t technically hate gays/POC/Jews/women/gingers/whatever, you’re still ranking your amusement over their safety and wellbeing. I know it’s tricky with family, but I hope you’ve called him out on this.

      • Max

        “Like, OK, you’re still a w***er, but instead of being a racist w***er, you’re a w***er who gets off on making people angry (by using racism.) I fail to see how this is an improvement.”

      • Christine Wood

        I do but my opinion has only started mattering recently and only because of the horrific aftermath of our sister finally having that long expected psychological meltdown. Let’s just say that when someone finds themselves in a position where they might have to defend themselves against really serious false accusations, it can change a person.

    • Kalu-chan

      Luckily nobody I know, but on some social app I’m in, there’s often guys who make racist etc jokes. Called them out on it, they simply said “But they’re just jokes!”. I tried explaining that, while jokes like that *might* be okay in certain situations when everyone involved knows it really is just a joke, that condition is simply not fulfilled in a completely anonymous app. They replied that since the app was mainly for college students, one should expect them to be open-minded and only see it as jokes. Because “had good grades” is mutually exclusive with “is a racist as*hole”.

    • M.

      The only difference between bigots and “Ironic” bigots is that “Ironic” bigots don’t even have the guts to admit they’re bigots. All the hatred with a side order of cowardice.

      • Christine Wood

        Yeah, my boss once told me a story about a guy she met at a party that told her Hitler had the right idea only to backtrack hard when she told him she was Jewish. Someone online told me that this kind of person is called a Schrodinger’s Douchebag.

  • Rosie Deacon

    Aaaand you’re still friends with this person WHY?

    • Max

      I’m gonna assume this guy is like, a millionaire who loves to give his friends presents.

    • allahboleh

      Because we can get rid of racism quicker if we befriend and force them to assimilate rather than being mean to them and putting them in a corner together. Stop being mean to people just because they don’t believe the same things you do!

  • Klaus Hellnick

    Sounds like a typical liberal.

    • Kristen

      Nah, I heard that from Trymp supporters.

    • Roeduh

      Wait, I’m confused. Liberals are PC police snowflakes, but also liberals are peppering racial slurs into their conversations with complete strangers? You can’t have it both ways, man. Stop being divisive by labeling anyone you disagree with as liberal.

    • Harold Wagner

      Typical Trump supporter, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Roeduh

    Should probably consider hitting up the market for friends who are more decent, and less likely to get you shot while on vacation.