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Pun-geons And Dragons

| Friendly | August 15, 2016

(I run a weekly gaming group with several of my friends, similar to D&D. We always get a bit silly, but this one takes the cake.)

Me: “Your characters are woken up in the middle of the night by a band of ghostly bandits riding upon your camp on undead horses.”

Player #1: “I grab my bow and get ready to shoot them!”

Player #2: “I’m going to start casting a spell!”

Player #3: “I want to dismount one of the riders!”

Me: “Okay, how are you going to do that?”

Player #3: “I’m going to punch his horse as it gets to me.”

Me: “Wait… what?”

Player #3: “Yeah. I want to punch his horse so it will buck and knock him off.”

Me: “I’m just picturing that scene from Blazing Saddles now.” *the rest of the group chuckles a bit*

Player #3: “Well, can I do it?”

Me: *sighs* “Yeah, I guess. Roll to hit.”

Player #3: *rolls* “I hit him, right?”

Me: “Yeah, you punch the horse.” *the penny drops and I start laughing*

Player #3: “What is it?”

Me: “You’re literally beating a dead horse!”

(The entire room broke into hysterics for a while before we could get the game going again. And for the record, his plan didn’t work.)

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