Pun Dexterity +4

| Friendly | July 16, 2015

(I’m part of a group of gamers that play tabletop RPGs online via voice chat and such. We’re playing a game where my character has a small swarm of spiders that she can talk to and understand. We’re meeting with a couple of supernatural NPCs over a delicious lunch and my character’s spiders have their own meal.)

Game Master: “She’s laid out a wonderful meal for everybody. All of your favorites seem to have been prepared.”

Player: “Wait, all of our favorites?”

Game Master: “Yes, even [my character’s name]’s spiders are getting treated to something special. Though their food is a little on the insecty side.”

(The Game Master pauses and realizes she just punned accidentally punned “insecticide” to describe my spiders’ lunch.)

Game Master: “No… wait. I didn’t mean…”

Player: *bursts out laughing hysterically*

Me: “Ow, I’ve taken pun damage.”

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