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Pumpkin Impossible

| Right | October 31, 2016

(I am the customer in this story. Some friends and I are visiting to attend a book signing by our favorite author, known for writing a wildly popular children’s fantasy series. Our waitress, who is waiting tables at this singing restaurant until she gets a break on Broadway, notices that we’re wearing memorabilia from that series.)

Waitress: “Oh! You’re fans of [Series]! Me, too! In fact, my roommate and I just carved our Halloween pumpkins and did designs from the series. Would you like to see a picture?”

Us: “Absolutely!”

Waitress: “Okay, I’ll get in trouble if my manager sees me with my phone out on the floor, so we have to be very covert about this.”

(At this point, she started humming the theme tune from a popular spy movie and carefully tipped her phone out of her pocket onto the table so we could look. We showed one of the pictures to the author later that evening at the signing, who also thought she was very talented! I think about that waitress all the time and hope she’s doing well in her career.)

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