Pump The Brakes On That Sale

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I am on my way to return a rental car to the airport before catching a flight. Due to traffic, I am later than expected and in a hurry to fill up the car at a petrol station right next to the airport. My total comes to £11.56 and I head inside to pay. I can see that the guy being served before me has the same total and I chuckle to myself. When it’s my turn:

Me: “Pump four, please.”

Cashier: “Eh, are you sure? That guy just paid for pump four.”

Me: “What? But my car is at pump four; my total is £11.56.”

I show him the key tag, which states the number plate and he compares it to the car at pump four, which we can see through the window. Then, he quickly gets the manager to chase after the other guy, who has filled up around the corner, at a completely different pump.

Cashier: “I can see you’re in a hurry. If you want, you can pay his total of £11.35 and be on your way.”

I thanked the cashier and paid, thinking to myself that the mix-up probably happened due to the similar totals. As I left, the other guy came in with the manager. When he heard that he actually paid a few pence more than he should have, he started ranting and shouting. Not having time for this drama, I drove away as quickly as I could. Sorry, petrol station employees, but I really had to catch that plane!

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