Pump The Brakes, Bigot

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(When I am in high school, my mother’s car starts to make a strange noise. Twice, she takes it to the mechanic, and each time the worker at the mechanic tells her it is nothing to worry about. Because I have taken so many auto mechanic classes myself, I decide to check the car and I find that her brake pads are incredibly worn down. I quickly tell her, and she gives me permission to fix them for her. Once I am done, the noise stops. A week later, we are buying oil in the same shop and are being assisted by [Worker #2]. The worker who checked the car, [Worker #1], walks up to us.)

Worker #1: “Here about that noise again? I told you, it’s nothing to worry about.”

Mother: “Actually, my daughter fixed it. How did you miss my brake pads? They were so worn down, they could’ve caused me to get in an accident!”

Worker #1: “Wait, what? I checked those pads; they were fine.” *looks at me and sneers* “She probably lied to you, making you think the problem is solved. There’s no way a [slur for the mentally disabled] like her knows anything about cars.”

(We all stare at him, shocked. [Worker #2] recovers the quickest.)

Worker #2: “Get your stuff and get out.”

Worker #1: “What?”

Worker #2: “[Store Manager] warned you that if you insulted another customer, you were fired. Now, get out.”

Worker #1: “You can’t fire me! I’ll tell [Store Owner] you fired me unfairly! I–”

([Worker #2] rolls his eyes. He grabs something from behind the counter and shows it to [Worker #1]. He looks at it and suddenly pales.)

Worker #2: “I am [Store Owner]. Now get out.”

([Worker #1] stormed away and got his stuff, screaming obscenities on his way out. The owner of the shop gave us a coupon for a free brake replacement, apologizing to my mother. Now, five years later, I’m starting my job as his new mechanic!)

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