Pulling The Fur Over Your Eyes

, , | Right | November 12, 2009

Me: “Hello, [Pet Hotel], how may I help you?”

Caller: “Yeah, I have five or six of these stray cats that keep coming in my yard. Can you come take care of them?”

Me: “No, sir, you would need animal control to help you with that. Would you like me to give you their number?”

Caller: “But they’re killing my wife’s flowers! Why can’t you just come and get them?”

Me: “Sir, we’re a boarding facility, we watch peoples’ pets for them. We don’t take strays.”

(The caller argues for the next ten minutes before finally hanging up. About two minutes later, the phone rings again.)

Me: “Hello, [Pet Hotel], how may I help you?”

Same caller: “Yeah, I have six cats that I need to board…”

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