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Pulling It Down To Their Level

| Learning | February 26, 2014

(Throughout fourth grade a girl has been bullying me. The last day she does it I’m walking through the hall when I feel her pull my hair hard enough to make me almost fall backward. I do nothing, instead just continuing on to my class. About ten minutes into said class a teacher comes in from across the hall.)

Teacher #1: “Can I talk to [Bully] for a minute?”

Teacher #2: *confused, but nods* “Sure.”

(While my teacher continues on with the lesson, I watch the teacher from across the hall walk up to the bully and pull her hair hard enough to pull her out of her chair. The rest of the class instantly falls silent and is too stunned to react.)

Teacher #1:That’s what I saw you do to that poor girl. Now, I know you know better than that!”

(She continues yelling at the bully for a minute, then comes up and stares at me. She then starts to pick pieces of tape out of my hair that I didn’t realize were there. Turns out, when the bully pulled my hair she also put the tape in. It’s moments like these that constantly make me surprised the teachers at my school never got sued.)

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