Puffed Up With Social Conditioning

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(In my sociology class we are talking about social conditioning. My teacher asks for any examples of having been corrected so many times you automatically do or don’t do something. I give my brother as an example. In the class we have [Student] who always has some bizarre story to tell. He gives an example, as well.)

Student: “Ms. [Teacher], I have something. In my Pre-K class, one of the teachers used social conditioning.”

Teacher: “What, [Student #1]?

Student: “She had a blown-up puffer fish hanging from the ceiling. Every time someone would do something wrong, she would yell to them, ‘I’ll stick a pufferfish down your pants!’”

(Silence, then laughter.)

Student: “She would stand under the puffer fish and tap her foot, and we automatically knew to shut up.”

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