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Puerto Rico And Mexico Are Different Places?!

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I’m in high school. It’s mid-October. I’m in Spanish class, and my teacher is talking about holidays. I’m Puerto Rican and my teacher is Mexican. By a quirk of the schedule, I’m the only student with any kind of Spanish/Latina heritage in the class. My teacher knows this.

Teacher: “…and Dia de Los Muertos. Anyone heard of it?”

We all look at each other and shrug. No one has heard of this holiday.

Teacher: “Okay, we’ll start at the beginning. Señorita [My Name]. What is Dia de Los Muertos?”

Me: “Um… it literally translates to Day of the Dead.”

Teacher: “Good. Now, tell us about it.”

Me: “But I don’t know what it is.” 

Teacher: “Very funny. What does this holiday celebrate?”

Me: “I really don’t know.”

She stares at me expectantly. I shrug.

Teacher: “You’re Mexican and you don’t know?”

Me: “Señora, I’m Puerto Rican. I’ve never heard of this holiday in my life.”

Teacher: “Catholics in Puerto Rico don’t celebrate Dia de Los Muertos?”

Me: “I’m a Protestant, Señora.”

Teacher: “Oh.”

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