Public Displays Of A**-Kicking

| Romantic | August 28, 2012

(My fiancé and I, both in our mid-20s and getting married in a month. We are driving down the highway in his serviceable, if admittedly not flashy, truck. We get stuck in traffic, when a fancy convertible full of teenage guys blasting rap music passes us in the other lane. The teens start to yell at us.)

Random teens: “Bet you fools wish you were cool! Losers!”

(A few minutes later, as the traffic lets up, we start to pass them. I grin.)

Me: *to fiancé* “Let’s make out.”

(As we pass the convertible, we kiss over-the-top, passionately.)

Fiancé: “Bet you wish you had a girl!”

(The teens are speechless. We pass them and fist bump.)

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