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Public Announcements Are A Blessing

, , , , , | Working | June 23, 2018

(I am up at the front of the store on the registers, and my store manager is nearby. Our building is on the larger side. You’d have to yell pretty loudly to talk with someone at the back of the store from the front, which is why we use radios. As I am ringing up a customer, we hear someone sneezing from at least halfway back in the store.)

Unknown Person: “Ah-CHOO! Ah-CHOO! AH-CHOO!”

(My store manager walks to the computer and picks up the phone.)

Store Manager: *on the overhead PA system* “Bless you.”

(The customer and I both start giggling, and we can hear someone, presumably the one who sneezed, crack up loudly in the distance. I soon find out who was sneezing.)

Coworker: *five seconds later over our radios* “Thank you.”

Question of the Week

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