Pubescent Humor

| USA | Learning | July 19, 2016

(I am in my computer class and I notice Guy #1 has put up a wallpaper on his computer’s desktop. I think it looks like a cat but when I get closer I notice it is someone on a skateboard. He and his friend, Guy #2, notice me.)

Guy #2: “What do you want?”

Me: *points at picture* “It looked like a cat from over there; I was just checking it out.”

Guy #1: “Yeah, well, your beard looks like pubic hair!”

Me: “It is pubic hair… because you grow it when you hit puberty.”

(Guys #1 and #2 think for a minute and then nod.)

Guy: “You’re right… Huh.”

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  • Rattical Red

    It’s called pubic hair because it grows in the pubic region. Not because it starts growing when you hit puberty.