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The Psychology Of Old Technology

, , , , | Working | September 7, 2017

(On my way out of the psychology department building, I pick up one of the books from their free book pile. It had a nice leather cover, so I think I could do some interesting craft things with it, but when I look closer I realize it is a 1972 book on current perspectives in abnormal psychology, which is too interesting to cut up. My partner is driving us to get food, while I look at the book, and in the very back of the book I find some flexi discs [something I didn’t know existed] that are recordings of therapy sessions. My partner also thinks the book is pretty cool, and brings it into the fast food place to take a look at it and the flexi discs.)

Me: “Can I get a [sandwich] and an order of [specialty fries]?”

Cashier #1: “Sure, would you like that to be a combo?”

(While I’m ordering, I notice another cashier looking at us and bending and twisting in weird ways. A few seconds later, I realize she’s trying to get a look at the book my partner is holding.)

Cashier #2: “Sorry, I’m being nosy. That book looks really cool.”

Partner: “Oh!” *putting it down on the counter* “Yeah, it is! It’s a forty-year-old psychology textbook.”

Cashier #2: “Whoa, really?!”

Me: “Yeah, and look at this!” *I flip to the back and pull out the flexi discs.*

(Three cashiers are gathered around looking at the book now.)

Cashier #3: “Is that vinyl?”

Me: “It’s called a flexi disc, apparently. These are recordings of therapy sessions from 1972.”

Cashier #2: “Whoa, no way! That’s so cool!”

(We managed to finish our order after that, but it felt like a great little connection. I hope we gave them a story to tell their friends!)

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