| Working | November 27, 2013

(I work at a home-health agency where nurses are responsible for setting their own schedules for visits with patients. The nurses turn their time cards into me, and I submit them to the manager for payroll every two weeks. It’s pay day.)

Nurse: “Why didn’t I get a paycheck today?”

Me: “You didn’t turn in a pay card last week after I called you every day to remind you.”

Nurse: “But why didn’t I get a check?”

Me: “Because I didn’t know what hours you worked?”

Nurse: “Why didn’t you know?”

Me: “Because you didn’t submit a time card.”

Nurse: “Well that’s not my fault! You should have guessed what days I worked!”

Me: “So you expected us to write you a check without knowing how many hours you worked?”

Nurse: “YES!”

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