Providing A Good(s) Service

, , | Right | June 7, 2017

(I’m on a bus. It’s quiet early in the morning and raining quite hard. It’s not a nice day. A young man walks onto the bus via the second set of doors and sits down without paying. He is wearing headphones. The bus driver has noticed.)

Driver: *in Eastern European accent* “You have to buy a ticket.”

(The man does not move, but smirks a little.)

Driver: “This bus goes nowhere until you buy ticket.”

(Again the man ignores the driver, smirking. This goes on for about two more minutes until the bus driver gets fed up. He gets out of his cab and walks towards the man. At this point, you realise the bus driver is 6’6” and built like a brick outhouse — not someone you would want to mess with. He looms over the man, who is now looking at his phone intensely, ignoring the driver.)

Driver: “These people are busy. I don’t have time to deal with you. Ticket. Now.”

(The man still ignores the driver, so the driver reaches out and takes the wireless headphones off the man.)

Passenger: “Hey!”

Driver: “Where I come from, people who cannot afford to pay for services pay with goods. This is your ticket now.”

(The driver went and sat back down in his cab, taking the headphones with him. The young man looked sheepish and got up to retrieve his headphones and pay for a ticket, but was instead thrown off the bus for “Being a poor example of mankind” by the driver who got applause for not taking any s***. The man did get his headphones back.)

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