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Prove Your Perth Worth

| Learning | November 29, 2016

(We are playing a quiz game in science near the end of term. I came back to this school at the beginning of term after spending a year in Western Australia.)

Student #1: “Sir, can you ask questions about Australian geography? Like places and states?”

(Student #1 travelled around a lot of Australia – but not WA – back in primary school, so she’s confident that she’ll be able to answer the questions and get the points for her team.)

Teacher: “Okay, sure.”

(He promptly asks two questions about Western Australia, specifically about Perth. Because I lived there, I am the only one who knows the answers.)

Student #2: “Hey, that’s not fair! She lived there; of course she can answer them!”

Teacher: “But if I’d asked questions about anywhere else, that would have been okay because you would have known the answer?”

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