Protesting Too Much, Huh?

, , , | Romantic | April 15, 2021

I’m at a convention with my boyfriend. He’s been rather nasty as of late but he’s been okay at the convention. I’ve cosplayed a character that has very pale skin but very dark eyes which require a bucket load of makeup. It’s the evening and we’ve plans to meet up with friends in one of their rooms. I’ve stripped to my underwear and I’m trying to get rid of my makeup when the light in the hotel bathroom goes out; this is the only mirror in the room. I persevere and think I’ve gotten all of it off, so I exit the bathroom.

Boyfriend: *Sharply* “Are you going out like that?!

Me: *Thinking he’s joking* “Well, I intend to wear a T-shirt and trousers, too.”

Boyfriend: *Explodes* “You’re trying to make people think I hit you! You b****!”

Me: *Taken aback* “What?”

I look in the front-facing camera of my phone to see that I’ve completely failed to remove the makeup and just smeared it round my eye.

Me: “You know, you can just say I’m s*** at taking off makeup.”

Boyfriend: “Tch, like you didn’t do it on purpose! The bathroom—”

Me: “—light has broken. It’s dark in there. I tried. I failed. Why are you even accusing me of this? If I was going to try and frame you, I could use any of the bruises from my arms, torso, and legs from where I walk into s***, not something that can be wiped away by a competent individual armed with a makeup wipe.”

He isn’t my boyfriend anymore.

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