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Proselytizing Starts Younger And Younger

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I’m about nine years old and my mother has brought me to the library to read some books. I’m standing peacefully by a shelf when a girl about my age rounds the corner. She promptly moves into my space.

Girl: *Aggressively* “Are you a Christian?”

I was raised Presbyterian and don’t actually know the word “Christian” because I have never been told that we are part of a larger religion, and it has never come up at school or with my friends. Privilege at its finest, I suppose.

Me: “Um… I don’t know.”

Girl: *Still aggressive* “Do you have Jesus in your heart?”

Me: “Oh! Yes.”

Girl: “GOOD.”

She then walked away, leaving me confused and a little upset. When I told my mother about what had happened, she explained that, yes, our family was Christian. At least I got to learn something thanks to that weird kid.

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