Prosecuting Without Proof Of Proof

| Learning | April 7, 2014

(I’m studying at a small college campus where everyone knows everyone. I sit down in the cafeteria to eat my lunch and a security guard that I’ve never seen before comes over.)

Security Guard: “You need to come to the dean’s office.”

Me: “Why?”

Security Guard: “You are drinking alcohol, and since this is a dry campus you’re facing serious consequences.”

(I’m actually drinking a soft drink called Chai Cola that is sold in dark bottles. I laugh, thinking he’s joking, and turn the bottle around to show him the label that says ‘soda’ on it and the cap that clearly states it’s a non alcoholic drink.)

Me: “Sorry, dude. Better luck next time. Besides, I drink this stuff every week. Go ask [Other Security Guard].”

(Not backing down, he tries threatening me.)

Security Guard: “Throw it out or I’m taking you to the dean’s.”

Me: “I’m not throwing out a $3 soda.”

(As he’s clearly not going to leave me alone, I quickly gather my lunch and bag and walk quickly to the dean’s office area and sit down at the table outside her office and resume eating. I’ve eaten lunch there a few times before because I prefer the quiet and none of the other staff are bothered by it. The dean peeks her head out of her office, sees me and sighs.)

Dean: “[Security Guard], huh?”

Me: *I nod my head*

(The security guard comes by and the dean makes a ‘come here’ fingering motion. The guard grins at me and follows her in. I guess he thought he was going to be commended and still fully believed I would be in trouble, poor guy. I get to watch him walk out in a huff as I finish my lunch.)

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