Proofread The Room

, , , , | Working | March 15, 2021

At my job, we recently had several changes in policy. I have been fielding constant phone calls about them, on top of writing documentation explaining how to change software and Internet settings to be in line with policy.

One of my coworkers decides he needs to write documentation, too. He asks me about it while I’m on the phone and I wave him off, pointing to the phone attached to my ear. We need documentation for his area, but it’s VERY low priority at the moment.

He hovers over my desk while I’m on the phone for ten minutes. Then, he thrusts the document in my face and demands that I proofread it. I take the document.

Me: “I’ll look at it when I have time.”

And I turn back to answer another phone call. 

After an entire morning of being glued to the phone, I’m hangry and my bladder is about to burst. I’m not in the mood to deal with anyone and just want to take my lunch break to eat and decompress. 

Then, the coworker glides by.

Coworker: *Glibly* “Busy morning, huh? Guess you didn’t have a chance to read my document.” 

I bit my tongue and left quickly. But d***, coworker, read the room!

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