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Proof That Some Of Them Have A Heart

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My mother shared this story with me. I’m ten years old, and she’s in the shower when the phone rings with a scam call. Before she can even start to get out of the shower, I answer the phone.

Me: “Hello?”

Mom: “[My Name], don’t play with the phone! Bring it here!”

Me: “Oh, sorry, mister. My mom says to give her the phone.”

Scammer: “Oh, okay, kid. I’ll hold on.”

On my way toward the bathroom, I trip and fall, cutting my leg on a decorative piece of furniture that marks itself for the garbage as it happens. As soon as I see the blood, I start crying.

Me: “Mom, help! I’m bleeding!”

Mom: “Oh, s***! Hold on!”

Scammer: “Kid! Hey, kid, can you hear me?”

Trying not to cry, I pick up the phone.

Me: “I’m sorry, mister…”

Scammer: “You said you’re bleeding? Can you touch where it’s coming from?”

Me: “Yes, but it hurts when I touch it!”

Scammer: “I know, but it’s gonna hurt more if you let it keep bleeding. You gotta hold against it and be strong. Can you do that for me?”

Me: “Okay, mister…”

I press my hands against the cut, crying out as I do. My mom soon comes out with a towel around her body and something to wrap the cut with. Once she’s sure I’m okay, she picks up the phone.

Mom: “I’m so sorry. What is it you needed?”

Scammer: “Um… I’m calling about…”

Mom: “Yes?”

Scammer: “I’m gonna be honest with you. This was supposed to be a scam call, but after I got your kid hurt, I think I’m gonna go tell this job to go f*** itself. You take care of your kid.”

He hung up.

Mom was understandably surprised — more so when I told her about what the scammer had said while she was coming to help.

I personally am baffled that ten-year-old me managed to make a scammer quit his job by answering the phone when I wasn’t allowed to.

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