Proof Of Strife

, | Related | January 17, 2016

(My single dad had us young and is very strict. He works at our school, so he knows all the tricks kids do to get away with stuff. I’m the youngest of five and the only girl. My dad always thinks we cover for each other  — to be fair, we almost always do. One night my dad is out later than our curfews and can’t facetime, so we have the following text conversation:)

Dad: “Get home NOW or I’ll whup you’re a**.”

Me: “I’ve been home all night, Daddy. I’m in my room working on my paper.”

Dad: “Sorry, sweetheart. That was meant for [My Brother].”

Me: “He’s been home all night, too.”

Dad: “If you’re covering for him, you’ll be in as much trouble as he is.”

(I know that this will go on and on, so I go into my brother’s room.)

Me: “Dad thinks you’re out past curfew and I’m covering for you.”

(My brother sighs and we take selfies of us together on each of our phones and text them to him.)

Dad: “How do I know you’re not texting me saved pics?”

Me: “We’re wearing our pajamas?!”

Dad: “Not good enough.”

Brother: “I have an idea.”

(We go downstairs, where my brother turns the TV to the local news. We take another selfie with the TV in the background.)

Me: “See, Daddy. Told you.”

Dad: “Okay. Make sure you’re in bed before I get home. Love you, baby.”

Me: *to my brother* “Notice he didn’t apologize for not believing us?”

Brother: “If we ever get held for ransom, we’re dead because Dad won’t believe it when the kidnappers send him a picture.”

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