Pronounce It Caerphilly

| Learning | July 27, 2013

(All students in my class are around 15/16 years old. All have very strong Welsh accents.)

Student #1: “Miss, do you like Little Wayne?”

Me: “I don’t really know who he is…”

Student #1: “Really? Can I show you a picture of him?”

Me: “I have no interest in Little Wayne, Big Wayne, or any other type of Wayne.”

Student #2: “What about Wayne Rooney?”

Me: “No…”

Student #3: “Ooooh, ooooh! What about Shun-iat Wayne!”

(We all fall silent, baffled, before realizing that she genuinely means Shania Twain. Student #1 stares at her for a few seconds, before shaking his head in wonder.)

Student #1: “…you are somethin’ else.”

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