Promoting Health And Safety

| Working | August 28, 2013

(I work as a server in a cafe situated above a bigger superstore. I come over in a wave of hot nausea, and bolt for the bathrooms, which are downstairs in the main store. After I purge, I stagger out and go to the customer service desk to call the cafe upstairs. Due to health and safety when working with food, after nausea and vomiting, I’m not allowed back on the premises for at least 48 hours, as per the conditions of my contract.)

Manager: “Where the f*** are you?! You can’t run out on a customer like that! We’re in the middle of the lunch rush!”

Me: “I’m really sorry about that; I threw up really violently, and had to run to the toilet to keep myself from hurling on the customer.”

Manager: “Well, I hope you’re better now! [Other server] is working the counter alone, and needs you back up here ASAP!”

Me: “I was physically sick; I have emptied my system of every single food-like substance I’ve got, and can barely stand. I need to go home.”

Manager: “Suck it up! You’ve only got three hours left of your shift, and we need you up here!”

Me: “It’s not about me; I cannot handle the food because these ailments are highly contagious. My contract even says, very clearly, that I cannot come in to work until 48 hours have passed.”

Manager: “You’re not walking out in the middle of a shift! Get back up here RIGHT NOW!”

Me: “Did you hear what I just said? I’M NOT ALLOWED BACK UP THERE!”

Manager: “Get back up here RIGHT NOW, or you’re FIRED!”

Me: “F*** it. Fire me. I’d love to see that decision stand.”

(I hang up on my manager. Sure enough, the manager tries to have me fired for walking out on my shift. Once I point out why I have to leave, the area manager demotes her to a server, and promotes me to a team leader. I’m now her boss!)

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