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Prom-pted To Do Good

, , , , , | Right | September 7, 2020

I go out to an Italian restaurant with a big group of friends before our senior prom. We are going the low-budget route where we carpool in our moms’ minivans and most of us are wearing homemade dresses. We do each other’s hair and makeup at my house before we go out, and we are dressed to the nines. 

We order our food, and our waitress skillfully manages the dozen of us with little trouble. We enjoy our meal and ask our superb waitress for the check.

Waitress: “Oh, that table over there already paid it in full! You’re all set!”

Us: “Wait, what?!

Waitress: “You don’t know them? I just assumed they were your parents or something.”

Us:No! Oh my gosh! Thank you!

People At The Other Table: “Enjoy your prom! You all look so lovely!”

We were practically crying and so excited. The total had to have been over $200. We left our waitress a big tip anyway, just because.

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