Projecting Your Occasional Stupidity

| Learning | January 6, 2016

(We are in a class about visual perception. The professor is showing us a variety of optical illusions via overhead projector, including one with the letters A, B, C written in horizontal line and the numbers 12, 13, 14 in a vertical one, with the 13/B in the center.)

Professor: “You see, the center part can be perceived as a letter or a number, depending on the context. Let me show you.”

(He proceeds to take two white sheets of paper and puts them over the A and the C.)

Professor: “When I cover the letters, you process it as a thirteen, and when I cover the numbers – ”

(He looks up, slightly embarrassed, realizing that he tried to cover a projection with a sheet of paper and of course it is still as visible as before.)

Professor: *kneeling down in hysterics*

(He was my favorite.)

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