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Projecting A Sales Career

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(My five-year-old daughter and her three-member troupe of Girl Scout Brownies are set up selling cookies. It’s been a good morning; they’ve sold quite a few, and the following happens. A gentleman in a business suit stops on his way out of the grocery and states very firmly to my daughter:)

Man: “Little girl, don’t even try to sell me any cookies; I am diabetic. Do you know what that means?”

Daughter: “Yes, sir, I do. My grandma and my daddy are both diabetic and can’t have sugar. But… does your wife like cookies?”

(He stops, and I can see him fighting a grin. He finally breaks and says:)

Man: “Yes. Yes, she does. Two thin mints. Here’s a twenty; keep the change.” *to me* “Mom, here’s my business card; when she gets about 21, I have a job in sales for her!”

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