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Project Projection

, , , , | Working | November 11, 2021

My former supervisor is a bully. Rather than being fired, I am assigned a new supervisor, and my former supervisor is given strict orders not to give me anything to do. Of course, she still tries to meddle and be an overall jerk toward me. Nevertheless, I am no longer having mental breakdowns every day, so that is a plus!

However, my new supervisor ends up leaving a year later, tired of being mistreated. Therefore, [Former Supervisor] sweeps in and begins harassing me again.

Former Supervisor: “So, [My Name], do you know how long [Project #1] will take to complete?”

Me: “I am not quite sure. I am working on [Project #2], which will be done by the end of the week. If you want to know, you should ask [Coworker #1] as he is in charge.”

Mind you, [Coworker #1] is in this meeting and begins to speak up, but she cuts him off.

Former Supervisor: “I need a time estimate for how long [Project #1] will take, [My Name].”

Me: “Well, as I have said, you will have to ask [Coworker #1]. Would you like to answer?”

I turn to [Coworker #1], and again, he tries to speak.

Former Supervisor: “I am asking you.”

Me: “And as I have said twice now, I do not know the answer, but [Coworker #1] is right here, happy to answer.”

Former Supervisor: “Hmph. What about [Project #3]?”

Me: “Well, [Coworker #2] has been on vacation, but as soon as she gets back, I will ask her to message you the status of the project.”

Former Supervisor: “So, you have no idea when it will be done?”

Me: “Considering I am not attached to the project, no.”

Former Supervisor: “Not a single clue when it will be done?”

Me: “That project as an NDA attached — one I did not sign — so I do not know the specifics or even the high-level deadlines. I highly recommend taking it directly up with her.”

Former Supervisor: “You are very unhelpful, you know!”

Me: “I am sorry, but I am not going to speak for other people when I am not privy to what they are working on. Your best bet is to ask them in the future.”

She then proceeded to act indignant and leave the room. I am so very sorry that you would rather bulldoze your way into making me talk to you and use me as a human planner than speak to the people you are managing! 

And for the people who will ask why I don’t leave, I am putting in my two weeks at the end of the week!

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